Let’s get one thing clear: I am terrible at playing Star Wars Legion. I make lopsided lists, I forget to take objectives, and I stack suppression tokens up so high I could use them for heavy cover. What I man to say in that I lose. A lot.

I’ve also started building terrain for my games. To call me an amateur is an insult to amateurs. I paint about as well as my three year old, and use too much glue. I am getting better that this part though, and might one day stop embarrassing myself.

Regardless of my shortcomings, I love the game and its trappings. I want to get better -to learn and evolve my game. I’ve learned a lot in the last few months, and it seemed a waste for all this leaning to go unreported for anyone else to benefit from. This blog won’t crunch any numbers or produce any spreadsheet models. It’s just a way for me to document what I do wrong, and what I learn in the process. Its going to be ugly, but maybe over time less so.

So punch it, Chewie. We have messes to make!


(Laugh it up, fuzzball)