Star Wars Legion has an amazing community. Lots of people are putting a lot of work into making this game as awesome as it is to play. These are things you should be using / consuming.



  • Star Wars Legion Rules Reference: You will be referencing the rules a lot. Be careful not to bookmark the rules page itself, as the URL changes when there are updates. You want to bookmark the FFG SW:Legion page, and load the latest rules from there.

List Building:

  • Table Top Admiral: Online list builder. Allows you to filter by currently released units and all announced units. Has a print view of your list you can quickly screenshot for reference when you are setting up. I use this almost daily to theorycraft lists.

Table Top Simulator:

  • Table Top Simulator: Black magic. Can turn any board game into a computer game. Required to play Legion online.

  • Star Wars Legion Mod for TTS: Allows you to play games of Legion online, either solo or with other people. An amazing way to practice you game or try out new lists.

  • TTS Legion Discord Channel: Even if you are not playing Legion on the TTS, you should join and follow this discord group. Friendly people to help answer your questions and lots of good advice and game breakdown.


  • Never Tell Me The Odds: Math. Run by smart people. Lots of deep dives into the game. I’ve learned more about being a competitive player here than anywhere else.

  • Impact X: Nicholas Freeman, who runs Impact X, plays at my local store. He is responsible for a good number of my losses. Learn from the best.

  • Imperial Discipline: This is the beginners blog you should be reading.


  • Notorious Scoundrels: Run by the guys from Never Tell Me The Odds and Yavin Base. Competitive play discussed without the fluff.

  • The Fifth Trooper: Good discuss of tactics and play, as well as general community vibe.


  • Imperial Terrain: Legion specific terrain. You have almost certainly seen their models in play at some point, and for good reason. The stuff looks amazing.

  • Combatzone Scenery: Lots of good scatter terrain, and some awesome unique pieces - like the Great Sand Dragon.

  • Legion Terrain: The crashed X-Wing and Tie Fighter models are beautifully crafted, and can be ordered pre-painted! Lots of good scatter terrain as well.