Battle Report 11/4/18 - Drop It Like Its Hot

Faction: Rebel

Point Value: 800


  • Leia Organa (Esteemed Leader, Emergency Stims)

  • Luke Skywalker (Force Push, Force Reflexes)

  • 2x Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper)

  • 4x Rebel Troopers (Z-6 Trooper)

  • 2x Rebel Commando Strike Teams (DH-447 Sniper, HQ Uplink)

Enemy List: (Roughly) Han (Esteemed, Duck and Cover), Rebel Commandos (Proton Sabs), 2x Rebel Commando Strike Teams (Sniper), 2x Fleet Troopers, 3x Rebel Troopers, 1x FD Laser

Setup: Recover the Supply, Advanced Positions, Rapid Reinforcements

Quick Recap:

This match was a rollercoaster of emotions, and one of (if not the) the most fun games of Legion I have played. I took my Wonder Twins tournament list and added HQ Uplink to my strike teams to get to a flat 800. I wanted to play as red here to force disadvantage on myself. Based on some discussions I had been having on the Legion TTS Discord channel, it seemed worth my while to play my casual games with some manner of handicap in order to help me grow as a player. 20 points for HQ on my sniper teams is nice, but was not a game changer for my list, so I opted to put those in to get to 800.

We pulled Recover the Supplies after killing Sabotage the Moisture Vaporizers, and it just so happened that the very middle of the map, where the first supply token is placed, was already occupied by a piece of scatter terrain. Unsure how to deal with this, I opted to push it to the blue player side of the terrain. This, more than anything else, was the deciding factor in my loss of this game. As the supply token was immediately next to heavy cover crates, it meant my units needed go around or move through it as difficult terrain to get across, and then be exposed with no cover to enemy units.

Even with this handicap on the center token, things were looking really good at the end of round 2. I had two supply tokens claimed and pulled back to a defensible position. Luke was in position to get to the center token in round 3. My strategy, which was to use Luke’s strong defense and mobility to snatch and run with center, was playing out well. Round three things flipped - Luke took three volley’s of fire for which he rolled sub-optimally and was killed, and one of my Fleet Trooper units took more damage than I had planned for. It came back up in Round 5, when I was able to pick off all his units holding supply token, meaning the VP was 2/0. And then round 6 I managed to kill his unit who had taken the center supply, but he in turn re-took his back 2 with me out of options to retaliate.

The game ended 2/2 on VP, and my opponent won on points removed. My strategy here relied fairly heavily on attrition of my own units as a distraction and screen to allow Luke to take center, and those loses meant I was too far down in units to win on points.

What Went Wrong:

Play Space and Unit Cards: We were the only Legion players at my local shop, which was otherwise being used to host a Mynock Squadron X-Wing event. The shop was packed, and as a courtesy to the X-Wing players we were trying to limit out setup space. To save said space, I left my unit cards in their case. Without those unit cards to refer to periodically, I forgot some of my most important upgrades

Mistake: Luke had Force Reflexes and Force Push. I am unsure if Force Push would have been a game changer, but triggering Force Reflexes for the dodge token would almost certainly have allowed him to survive round 3. With one extra turn he could have played Son of Skywalker, which would have cleared the fleet trooper unit who went on to kill my fleet troopers later in round 4.

Leia was much worse. She was out of range for Esteemed Leader, but she died with 5 damage exactly. I had taken Emergency Stims knowing how fragile she was. One more activation would have done two things for me - Leia could have moved in a taken a shot at one of the units claiming a supply in round 5, most likely forcing them to drop it. I also had a lone fleet trooper unit leader on center supply in round 5 ready to claim and run who instead panicked without a commander to bolster courage. y

What I should have done: Before throwing round 1’s command card down, I should pull out my list and read over it once. Remind myself of everything I have equipped. Critical upgrades, like exhaust items, I should make room for regardless of how tight the table is.

Playing As Blue: My opponent made an interesting (and astute) comment at the end of the game. We were discussing strategy and how it played out, and he noted that I “was red player, but played like I was blue”. Meaning I was playing defensively, a option usually reserved for blue player in games where the objectives are swung in their favor. I knew right away what he meant.

Mistake: I used Advanced Positions Scout 1 in deploy to push two rebel trooper units towards my 2 supply units. These two units were able to move then claim in round 1. In round two I pulled both of them back out of line of sight (LOS) to hide away with their prize on my side of the board. Again my strategy was to have Luke use his Jump 1 ability to get to center supply fast, grab it and run back to my side as well, then all I had to do was defend while my opponent was forced to move towards me.

However, when things went bad, I had 2 units out of the fight. They were turtled so far back they needed a whole round just to move into range to shoot anything, and there was no way they could move in enough to claim anything before the end of the game.

What I should have done: This is hard to say. In this case, these units holding the supply should have been closer so that when things started to turn, they could pull their weight (and list cost). However, I could easily seeing an alternate universe version of myself writing about the oppostie - keeping these claiming units mid-field for support, and their getting flanked or picked off by snipers and dropping the supply.

I would say my best guess is this - I should stop wasting two units for the supply I drop on my side. In the future I will attempt to place them so that a single unit can make a loop to pick them up then hide, while the other unit I was wasting can do forth and earn their list cost.

Don’t Get Cocky, Kid: At the end of round 2, things were going very well for me, Because of this, I was feeling overly confident and got tunnel vision on my activation of Luke. I made a mistake in his turn two move, and again in his turn 3 activation, which cost me the unit, and likely the game.

Mistake: Luke ended round 1 hidden behind a wall, and was easily able to use Jump 1 to clear the wall, then his second move to get over the barricades and to where center supply was placed. My opponent already had a trooper unit there waiting to claim the supply, and I placed Luke next to that unit’s leader to start melee. The attack from Charge went well, eliminating that unit, but when the dust settled I saw my first mistake.

I had moved and placed Luke into base contact with the enemy unit’s leader, The leader, however, was not in base contact with the supply token. This unit did have troop members though who, when placing for cohesion, were in contact with (or at least within range of) the supply. In my dropping Luke by the leader, Luke was going to start round 3 needing to move all of 1/2 of an inch as his first action in order to claim.

What I should have done: Had I thought more about this and placed Luke in base contact with both the supply and the non-leader mini, I could have achieved the same end for that unit and also have been positioned to claim plus move turn 1 of round 3. A move would have put Luke on the opposite side of heavy cover from my opponents units - the same units who would kill Luke with three heavy attacks the next round.

Mistake: Error two came immediately after the above. I knew Luke was in a bad situation, but Instead of thinking clearly through my options I panicked and took Luke full defense. He moved onto the objective, then took a dodge. Pointless. I did not own the objective since I had not claimed it, and one dodge was a paper shield against Han, Fleet Troopers and full Rebel Commando unit, all in range to aim and shoot.

What I should have done: My first positioning mistake made, I should have dropped defense and acted like a cornered wolf. Son of Skywalker to get initiative, then charge in. His units were close enough that I could have tied Han and the fleet troopers up in melee, and an aim token plus two attacks would have killed at least the fleets, if not them and also put some wounds on Han. Either way with Luke in melee he would have survived through round 3 and possibly round 4, and prevented my opponent from claiming center.

What I Learned:

Recover the Supply Center Token is a “play it as it lies” situation. When we discovered that there was terrain center of board, where the center token was meant to be placed for Recover the Supply, we were unsure what to do. I opted to shift it off the terrain in favor to blue player. I asked after the game, and was told that you are meant to play it as indicated - in the center. If there is an unscalable height 3 tower in the middle, too bad. It goes in the center regardless.

Guardian LOS and Range. We knew that the guardian X ability required range 1 between the unit being attacked and the units triggered by guardian. We also knew that it required LOS between the defending unit and the unit triggered by guardian. We had an interesting case though where the unit leader was in range 1, but had no line of sight. His unit did have troops who had line of sight, but they were outside range 1. In this case the same rules apply as with any attack. Range is measured from the unit leader. As he was in range for guardian his whole unit was eligible to take the attacks.

Area Denial Is Powerful In Rapid Reinforcements. After reading conversations about this online, I have opted out of Rapid Reinforcements. I treat it basically as Clear Conditions and set no troops aside. Activations and Actions are a scarce resource in Legion, and losing two whole rounds worth of actions just does not seem worth the possibility for a flank.

One good reason for this outside just activation loss is that an experienced player can use area denial to block you out of placing your units anywhere useful. You must place your units outside range 2 of any enemy units. If your opponent knows that the end of round 2 will mean incoming units, he can spread his units out to block you from placing anywhere useful. I was able to do so in this game so that my opponent’s units had to be placed on his side of the board, essentially where they would have been had he deployed them normally.