Battle Report 8/15/18 - A Cold Defeat on Hoth

Faction: Imperial

Point Value: 796


  • General Veers (Commanding Presence)

  • Snowtroopers (Flametrooper, Snowtrooper)

  • Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper, Impact Grenades)

  • 2x Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper)

  • Stormtroopers

  • AT-ST (General Weiss, 88 Twin Light Blaster Cannon, AT-ST Mortar Launcher, DW-3 ConcussionGrenade Launcher)

  • 74-Z Speeder Bikes

Enemy List: (Roughly) Leia, Han, 3x Rebel Commando Sniper Strike Teams, 2x AT-RTs (one rotary, one laser) and 4 rebel trooper units.

Setup: Key Positions, Long March, Rapid Reinforcements

Quick Recap:

Opponent ran rebels with Han and Leia, 3x Commando Sniper strike teams and rebel troopers and 2x AT-RT. He had the bid and used it to pick a side of the table where the terrain was more advantageous to his snipe units. He opened with Leia’s bombardment, adding suppression and removing units from three of my stormtrooper units at turn 1. This following by all three sniper units getting clear shots with aim. Not a good round 1.

The stacked suppression slowed my forward movement, meaning I was not taking any real meaningful attacks until round 3 with anything but the AT-ST and bikes. My numbers had been chipped down enough by then that my dice pools were low, and the suppression meant no aim and shoot. I was able to drop my snow troopers in as rapid reinforcements at the end of round 2, meaning to have them drop in behind the sniper teams to ease that pain on my units, but his positioning with the them on the terrain was such that the range 2 requirement of rapid reinforcements meant I was not able to get them shooting until round 4.

At the end of round 4 he had taken out all but my snow troopers and a single stormtrooper unit leader, and had 3 victory points to my one, so we called it to allow another game to use the table.

What Went Wrong:

In short, SO MUCH. Of the 10 or so previous games I had played up until this point, this was by far the most painful. I went into it with a head full of things I wanted to try to remember to do better, and keeping that list checked clobbered any cohesive plan I had.

Setup: I made a few mistakes in the setup which ended the game before it even started.

Mistake: The Long March. I let the Long March card slide, thinking my DLTs and AT-ST would let me get attacks in early as we crossed the board. I did not account for the fact that snipers love the Long March setup. He had two rounds to picks at me and suppress my units before I could do much to him.

What I should have done: Kill the Long March, especially while there is unit disparity like there is now (writing this before Scout Troopers are released). A shorter line would have allowed me to start shooting snipers in turn one and killed that threat before it got so dire.

Mistake: Rapid Reinforcements. This card was not in itself bad, but Limited Visibility was an option I could have taken, and it would have saved a lot of embarrassment here. In my head, Limited Visibility was going to hinder my DLTs and AT-ST.

What I Should Have Done: Killing Limited Visibility was a good idea before Rebel Commandos, when the Imperial Side had a range advantage. Until Scout Troopers come out, its probably best to consider it if you think your opponent will be dropping sniper units.

Mistake: Key Positions. Thats all that really needs to be said. He was blue player.

What I Should Have Done: Kill this card for literally anything else. He placed two of the items in areas where he could access them easily, and his snipers could access me easily.

Mistake: Deployment. Blue player (rebel) got priority to pick sides. I agreed to play the terrain as it landed randomly in setup, without thinking about how it could help him. This gave him ideal spots where his commandos could use Scout 2 to be in high ground light cover in deployment, and could Aim + Shoot from round 1. I also left my units too exposed in my placement, allowing Leia to easily bombard stormtrooper units on her turn.

What I Should Have Done: Stopped being nice to people. The extra minute to discuss and place terrain would have allowed me time to think about why he wanted the side he did. I also need to find a good middle ground between exposing my units completely in setup, and hiding them so well that they lose their whole first turn getting around terrain to move.

Utilizing my AT-ST: I made a few mistakes in building and playing the AT-ST which meant it did very little for the cost.

Mistake: Taking Weiss

What I Should Have Done: Weiss + all weapons cost a lot for a single unit, even one as tough as the AT-ST. Had we not played Long March I might have been able to better utilize Weiss, but on the Long March the AT-ST one got one turn where he could unload all 4.

Mistake: Moving into range. I was worried about wasting turns, so I would move then shoot every round. I was wasting shots in the first two round. Round one Mortar was all I could do, and while suppressive is nice, three whites is not scaring anyone. Round two I could Mortar and use the main gun, which was nice but was wasting Weiss.

What I Should Have Done: Double move the first two rounds. The AT-ST can move fast due to its base since, and can step over a lot of low terrain. I could have used the first two rounds to double move into a better range, then Recover + Weiss each round to lay down hurt. Its possible on round 2 I might have needed to shoot at the Laser Cannon AT-RT, but with a double move on round 2 I could still have done this with more weapons at my disposal.


Mistake: It’s rolled into the problems in setup, but I ended up at the end of round 1 with at least one suppression on 3 of my four trooper units. This meant all they could do most turns was move forward.

What I Should Have Done: Like I mentioned above, I need to think more about placement, especially in early rounds, so prevent the enemy player from getting easy shots on my and suppressing my units right out of the gate.

Mind games with Han:

Mistake: I let Han’s command cards get in my head. Specifically, Change of Plans. My usual plan is to open with Veers’ Maximum Firepower to take out any pesky AT-RTs I did not want to deal with. Han’s card had me worried my opponent would play it round one, expecting me to use Maximum Firepower. So I held onto it. And when he DID NOT use Change of Plans in round one, I again held onto it. And again and again until Veers died without be getting a chance to use it.

What I Should Have Done: Mind games are stupid. My opponent plays the card or doesn’t. It didn’t make me clever to try to outthink his command cards - it made me waste what is arguably my most powerful card. I should have just played the card I wanted to play.