Battle Report 09/27/18 - Stop punching yourself.

This is not a standard battle report. I played a full 800 point game against myself on the Legion Mod for Table Top Simulator. If you are not already using the Table Top Simulator (TTS), I would highly recommend it. There is a little bit of a curve to get use to it, but once you know the basics it’s invaluable for learning the game, testing strategies and playing with new units before they are released.

I have played a number of games against myself, in large part to reinforce rules which I forget when I am playing in person. I had a game today in which three separate questions came up for which I could not find a clear answer in the rules guide, or which represented an issue I fundamentally misunderstood. Since the point of this part of my blog is to document what I learn, it seemed prudent to include this, even if it wasn’t in a standard game.

And for your reference, I did manage to win this one. The other guy was pissed.

Faction: Both

Point Value: 796 (Imperial) / 800 (Rebel)


  • General Veers (Commanding Presence)

  • Boba Fett (Duck and Cover, Hunter)

  • 2x Snowtroopers (Flametrooper)

  • Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, Stormtrooper)

  • Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper)

  • 3x 74-Z Speeder Bikes


  • Luke Skywalker (Force Reflexes)

  • Leia Organa (Targeting Scopes)

  • 2x Rebel Troopers (Z-6 Trooper, Rebel Trooper, Targeting Scopes, Impact Grenades)

  • Rebel Commandos Strike Team (DH-447 Sniper)

  • Rebel Commandos Strike Team (DH-447 Sniper, HQ Uplink)

  • 2x AT-RT (Laser Cannon)

  • AT-RT (Rotary Blaster) 

Setup: Intercept the Transmission, Major Offensive, Limited Visibility

Quick Recap:

I wanted to try the Veers / 3 bikes list I hear so much about on the Imperial side. I had a lot of problems running bikes effectivly in my early games, but I have been getting better at timing and control. Keeping three in general cohesion so that they could focus fire was tricky, especially with the heavy terrain on the board I played, but it was effective at tearing through units. I’m also excited for Fett, so I slotted him in to use as a flanker. His jump 2 / move 3 seems like an obvious benefit to get him places your opponent doesn’t like.

On the rebel side I tried the Wonder Twins dual commanders. I have played only a 500 point learning game as rebel so far, so I am very inexperienced in how they work. I don’t think I played Luke and Leia off each other very well, and they were both dead by round 4. The triple AT-RTs were pretty brutal, but the laser canon’s 2-4 range proved troublesome as the bikes closed distance so quickly.

What Went Wrong:

Speederbike cohesion: The bikes seemed most efficient when moving and attacking together

Mistake: I tried to play the bikes really close together so they could all compulsory -> aim -> shoot each round at the same target. I ended up with a tangled mess of bikes needing to veer off at weird angles to avoid collision. This was not really a mistake per se, as much as a learning experience is coordinated driving.

What I should have done: Practice, practice, practice. I see why three bikes are so popular, even with my drunk driving. The rebels started the game with more troop activations than the imperials, but the bikes tore the units up so fast that the imperials still had more victory points in the end. They would have done even better had I been better at driving them. I did learn two things I did not know before

  1. Compulsory Moves: I had one instance where my last speederbike to move in a round would have ended its compulsory move with the front end of the base on a barricade. The rules for Speeder X and Compulsory Move are shows here for reference. These rules did not vibe with that I thought should happen, so I got confirmation from the Legion TTS discord group. It was strange to me that a speeder bike which can clear height 1, and had the option to take two additional moves after the compulsory move, should crash and die on a barricade. But this is what was confirmed - regardless of the availability of later moves, the it’s the compulsory only which will determine if you take damage.

  2. 45 degree rule: It was additionally explained to me that Fantasy Flight had implemented what was called the 45 Degree Rule. A unit should end its turn as flat to the table as possible. In the case where a unit would end its turn partially on terrain, the unit needs to be stable and the angle of the base should be 45 degrees or less to the table. With just the very tip of the bike’s base on the barricade, it would just about 1 degree under 45", but that small of a contact surface meant the bike was wobbly, so it still would not count.

All this is to say that this bike had to take a hard right, which put his way off course for the round and lost me a fair amount of damage I was counting on to take out an AT-RT.

Speederbike Displacement: I have heard two conflicting rules on how and when displacement is determined when moving a speeder bike through troop units. There is no question that when a speeder bike ends its turn on top of trooper units, the trooper units are displaced. I did have two follow up concerns I got answered yesterday though:

  1. Can displacement occur if the speederbike passes through troopers along its path? Meaning as you trace the bike along the movement tool, if the base passed through any units along that path without stopping on them, would that displace them? The answer here is yes. You can see in the displacement rules here that it explicitly states that when a ground vehicle moves along a path, any trooper units overlapped as displaced.

  2. Can another speeder bike be displaces or stop movement? This was answered as no, which seems to be keeping with the above rules. As long as your move does not stop on another speederbike, you can move through without worry about overlap.

What Went Wrong: Point control for opposing teams


Mistake: The card for Intercept the Transmission states that a player controls and objective token if they have one or more trooper unit leaders at range 1 of the token. This is probably clear to everyone but me, but I was unsure how to handle both players having a even number of unit leaders in range one. Do both players get a victory point? Nether? Is about which unit leader is closer?

What I should have done: Trust the card are written. This is a recurring theme for Fantasy Flight game rules. You really need to take every word in the rule explicitly, because they do not provide practical examples to back the rules up. If the players have an even number of unit leaders in range 1, then no one controls the objective. You only get the victory point if you control the point - so no victory points are awarded.