Battle Report 9/29/18 - I'm no good to me dead.

Faction: Rebel

Point Value: 800


  • Leia Organa (Improvised Orders, Emergency Stims)

  • Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Fleet Trooper)

  • Fleet Troopers (Scatter Gun Trooper, Concussion Grenades)

  • 4x Rebel Troopers (Z-6 Trooper, Targeting Scopes)

  • T-47 Airspeeder (Wedge Antilles)

  • AT-RT (Laser Cannon) 

Enemy List: (Roughly) Veers, Boba, 3x Stormtroopers (DLT), 1x Speederbikes, Scout Trooper Sniper Strike Team, Scout Troopers with Saboteur

Setup: Intercept the Transmission, Disarray, Limited Visibility

Quick Recap:

This was my first full game in person playing as rebel. I had previous played a 500 point learning game and a few games on the Tabletop Simulator, but this was the first time with a full 800 on the table, and it showed. The game was close enough by round 6 that I am pretty sure my major mistakes in setup and the first round are fully to blame for this loss.

What Went Wrong:

I made a mistake in setup and round 1 so dumb that it killed my momentum for the rest of the game.

Setup: I am still struggling with unit setup, and this was another example of a game which was pretty much a loss at turn 0.

Mistake: Limited Visibility. I picked this card because I thought it would throw a wrench at my opponents snipers.I ended up hurting me much more and due to my forgetting this card was in play while setting up. Round 1 I could have taken shots with 2 full units at the sniper and scout saboteur teams, and cutting them down early would have eased a lot of pressure on me in the later rounds.

What I should have done: There were two options. The best option would have been to not pick Limited Visibility. Rapid Reinforcements was an option here I could have taken, and keeping my fleets in reserve would have allowed me to better regroup troops in round two in the spots where I was getting pinched. The second option would have been to keep Limited Visibility and alter my setup to account for it.

Mistake: Troop Placement. I put way too much firepower on one side of the table (keeping in mind we were playing disarray) and that left my troops on the opposite side more or less stranded. Both the airspeeder and AT-RT were grouped in one corner, and that meant too much firepower in the first two rounds, then wasted units most of the rest of the game.

What I should have done: I’ll talk more about it in detail later, but the T-47 had one job, and it never really got to this job because it placed it too far from the units it was meant to harass. The terrain was also thicker on the side of the table I placed the T-47 on, and T-47s do not do well with terrain.

Round 1: Out of the frying pan and into the fire. I followed a poor unit setup with a disastrous first round.

Mistake: This was my first Leia game, and I was so excited to use Coordinated Bombardment for that early suppression. So excited I forgot we were playing Limited Visibility. The card was completely wasted. Always remember your conditions when planning your round kids.

What I should have done: Sold my copy of Legion and gone into hiding. This stupid mistake rattled me so bad I stumbled through the rest of the round, and was pretty far behind where I needed to be by the end of the round.

The %@*&% Airspeeder: Everyone complains about the T-47. I rarely see it played. I learned why,

Mistake: I had this big idea that the T-47 would use its speed to get to the back lines quickly and put its big dice pool down on vulnerable units. I did not count for how poorly the T-47 maneuvered on terrain when placing it and advancing in the first two rounds. : The T-47 started strong. It was able to compulse, move, then shoot at the speeder bike unit in round 1, doing a decent opening volley on them. In round two it did the compulsory, aim and shoot on a storm trooper unit, knowing almost all of them out in one shot. Again great. However, I planned ahead poorly for round three. When taking my compulsory for round 3, there was no were I could turn there I would not either end up off the board or on terrain. The ship was destroyed by ending its compulsory move with the back edge of its base being on a building. (A rule I completely despise regardless of my mistakes here).

What I should have done: The opposite end of the board was more open. I should have played it safe and placed the T-47 there, where I would have more room to maneuver that cumbersome move 3 ruler. What I might have lost in early damage output I would have gained in longevity for the unit.

What I Learned:

Careful positioning matters! I have unsteady hands and I am bad about bumping the table. Terrain gets knocked over, minis get nudged. It stops being amusing when fractions of an inch matter to an attack. We had two separate instances in this game where a devastating change in flow of the battle could have occurred should a unit have been bumped just the smallest fraction of distance forward or backwards

In once instance, Boba played his flamethrower command card, but after his move, he was about 1/8 of a inch outside range 1 of the unit he meant to attack — wasting the card. If he had bumped Boba forward just the smallest fraction he would have been in range. If I had placed my units just the smallest amount forward, the same.

The second instance was in the last attack of round 6. The middle was contested with each of having only a single unit on the point. My AT-RT was up. After the AT-RTs move, line of sight on his scout trooper leader was only just out. Again, had I bumped the AT-RT forward just the smallest amount at any point, he would have had the shot here and possibly taken that unit leader, securing me the point.

So the moral of the story is to go slow when moving. Mark terrain and units if needed to clear room to work. Win or lose, its always best to know the range was right because of careful planing, not because I bumped units all over the table.